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s off at a bank located in Bellwood that the Circus Freaks have just finished robbing. Ben gets an alert on his Ultimatrix of the Circus Freak's meddling. Ben turns off his television aggravated that he is missing part of a new Sumo Slammers episode. Ben turns into Jetray and flies over to the bank. The Circus Freaks Thumbskull, Frightwig, and Acid Breath are rushing out of the bank. Thumbskull is carrying a small vault on one of his shoulders. Frightwig is carrying many moneybags with her strong hair. Acid Breath carries nothing but one bag believing he should not have to carry anything with him being the leader of the group. Ben arrives and sees that the Circus Freaks are as crooked as ever. Acid Breath tries to threaten Ben but to no avail. Frightwig boasts that they are unbeatable. Ben reminds them otherwise, making Thumbskull really
mad. Thumbskull charges at Ben. Ben becomes Benmummy by accident. Thumbskull starts ripping at the bandages. An annoyed Benmummy makes an empty threat as he grabs a newsrack and slams it into Thumbskull. Thumbskull goes crashing into the side of the bank and faints. Acid Breath joins the fray and starts to spray acid on Benmummy. Some of Benmummy's bandages are being melted away. Ben changes to Goop. Goop runs up and sucker punches Acid Breath. Acid Breath underestimates Goop as Goop's antigravity projector hovers over Acid Breath and creates a vortex of goop around him. Acid Breath is knocked out. Frightwig then runs up angrily to Goop and yelling Ben's surname in anger. She knocks his antigravity projector down. Fearing that if he loses his antigravity projector he won’t be able to move Ben changes into Spidermonkey before going Ultimate. Ultimate Spidermonkey grabs onto Frightwig and starts to spray webbing to trap Frightwig in a Chrysalis. Frightwig, realising it has left her unable to move a muscle, she lets
Ben move onto "Fungus Face" and "Butt Breath", insulting nicknames he had given to the other Circus Freaks. The Plumbers arrive. Ben turns in
to Jetray and flies off, leaving the Circus Freaks to the Plumbers. Jetray turns back into Ben once he arrives home. Ben turns on the television to watch Sumo Slammers but it is over so he flips through channels and finds Will Harangue dissing him once again. Ben turns off the television as he has had enough for today. THE END


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  • Circus Freaks:
    • Thumbskull
    • Frightwig
    • Acid Breath
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