• AustralianFan

    60 days

    March 12, 2012 by AustralianFan

    I joined 64 days ago. I contributed everyday until I got Devoted (everyday for 60 days). Straight after I decided to give it a rest while I enjoyed the long weekend. It was a great weekend. Now I'm back, and my releases of the ninth episode (of The Alien Generation) and a Squidstrictor page are imminent. Also imminent is the fixing up of some more of Peyton's stories. I'm getting behind on it, mainly because of all the great stories he's written in the span of just a few weeks. Good job, and I'll keep up when/if I can, Starwars501! Other things that are imminent:

    The Rocks, Ultimate Echo Echo and Ultimate Wildmutt pages, the Drousand and Novalien pages, and the tenth episode (of The Alien Generation). Also some fixing up of The Alien Genera…

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  • AustralianFan

    Next Aliens Page

    March 2, 2012 by AustralianFan

    I am not sure where to go next, so I'm going to make this blog with the ones I'm thinking of doing next:

    1- Ultimate Echo Echo

    2- Ultimate Wildmutt

    3- Ultimate Humungousaur

    4- Ultimate Swampfire

    5- Ultimate Cannonbolt

    6- Rocks

    7- Squidstrictor

    8- Mot Snikrep

    9- Sploot

    10- Ultimate Way Big

    Say which one you think should be done next. Also, if you're wondering when Jury Rigg will appear in TAG, he will once I know his powers. Also, when CyberBen uses Squidstrictor and Rocks, they only use powers I assume they would have (Squidstrictor can breathe underwater and use jet propulsion, and Rocks has enhanced strength). This will be the only assumed powers used in TAG. If you haven't read the 8 already out then search The Alien Generation Guide, or use the l…

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  • AustralianFan

    Hoping to...

    February 28, 2012 by AustralianFan

    I have homework to do, but despite that I am hoping to contribute everyday, even little things, and also when I get the chance make the Out of Time article, make the Ultimates Pages (8 more to do!), Rocks page, Squidstrictor page, Mot Snikrep, Sploot, Blox, Feedback, Gravattack and other pages on Ben's Aliens/Villains/Heroes/Made up characters/Characters from other Universes etc. and fix up Peyton's stories. It's a s**tload of work so I will have to be slow at the moment. Anyway, if everything goes good I should be able to make the Out of Time article on March 2, 2012 and maybe do some other things on the Friday.

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  • AustralianFan

    With this blog...

    February 14, 2012 by AustralianFan

    With the creation of this blog, I have officially made 1000 edits! (Though 300 or so aren't to articles, but to things like user pages, talk pages, leaving comments, making blogs, etc.).

    By the way, check out my new aliens in the blog Pages 3, 4, 5.

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  • AustralianFan

    Pages 3, 4, 5

    February 12, 2012 by AustralianFan

    This is a continuation of my last blog. Since the comments are positive, I shall have those aliens. But I'm also planning these other 12:

    Porkchop looks like a pig but with various weapons on his arms and elbows. These are sharp, and beside them Porkchop has Flight and Super Speed, and Sharp Teeth.

    Cycumulus is a cross between a cyclops, a crab and a cloud. He can stretch himself to the limit, and can control the wind. He can fly, shoot an energy beam from his eye, breathe underwater, and has sharp pincers.

    Novalien is a bomb alien with bomb related powers and mana immunity.

    Cranine has a sonic tail wag, flight, super hearing and super speed.

    Ultimate Cranine has super smell and sharp teeth as bonuses.

    Blizard has all kinds of ice related powers…

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